Regine Pruzsinszky

Regine Pruzsinszky

University of Freiburg

Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Statement: At IAS, Regine Pruzsinszky will be working on her book project on the socio cultural position(s) of singers in the ancient Near East, an in-depth investigation on their organization and tasks, and their relationship to political and religious power based on cuneiform documents from the third to the first millennium B.C. One of the key issues of her research is the singers’ controversially discussed role in the transmission of literary texts in the third millennium B.C. based on their close relationship to the palace and the scribes which is why they have also been labeled as the only attested ancient Near Eastern 'artists in their time.'

While at IAS:  Office: W-217  Phone: 609-734-8362

Member in Residence for: Second Term