Modern International Relations


Jonathan Haslam  Contemporary Russia, the History of Secret Intelligence and the History of Political Thought in International Relations

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Jonathan Haslam is also the author of a new blog,, which aims to bring to the reader’s attention aspects of Russia’s foreign and defense policies that do not see the light of day in mainstream media.


Members, 2017-2018

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Harvard University
History of Capitalism & International Relations
David Blackbourn
Vanderbilt University
Modern German History
Catherine Clark
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Modern European History & International Relations
Vladimir Pechatnov
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
History of Soviet-American Relations
Rory Yeomans
Independent Scholar
Comparative European Fascism

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University of London
Modern International Relations & Jewish Family History

Former George F. Kennan Professors

Avishai Margalit  Philosophy and Modern International Relations (2006-2011)

José Cutileiro  Modern International Relations (2001-2004)

Jack F. Matlock, Jr.  Modern International Relations (1996-2001)

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Michael van Walt van Praag  Modern International Relations and International Law (2011-2015)