History of International Relations (Late Modern)


Jonathan Haslam  Contemporary Russia, the History of Secret Intelligence and the History of Political Thought in International Relations

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Jonathan Haslam is also the author of a new blog, www.throughrussianeyes.com, which aims to bring to the reader’s attention aspects of Russia’s foreign and defense policies that do not see the light of day in mainstream media.


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New York University
World War Two
Eva Giloi
Rutgers University, Newark
Late Modern Germany
Hiroaki Kuromiya
Indiana University
Late Modern Eurasian History
Andrew Sloin
Baruch College, City University of New York
Jewish and Soviet History

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University of London
Modern International Relations & Jewish Family History

Former George F. Kennan Professors

Avishai Margalit  Philosophy and Modern International Relations (2006-2011)

José Cutileiro  Modern International Relations (2001-2004)

Jack F. Matlock, Jr.  Modern International Relations (1996-2001)

Former Visiting Professor

Michael van Walt van Praag  Modern International Relations and International Law (2011-2015)