West Building - Practical Information

Office Supplies:

Basic Office Supplies: Offices are stocked with supplies before Members and Visitors arrive. If there is something that you need that is not in your office there is a supply cabinet located across from Maria Tuya's office, W213. If you do not find what you need in either place, please let Gabriella Hoskin know. She can order additional supplies.

Interoffice Envelopes: If you have too many interoffice envelopes you may get rid of them by putting them in Gabriella Hoskin's mailbox.

Scrap Paper/Leftover Cover Sheets: Gabriella Hoskin collects scrap paper, and will use the other side of paper that is printed on only one side. Please feel free to give Gabriella any paper that is leftover from print jobs. There are also paper trays at both printers and at the copiers on the first floor where you can put your scrap paper.

Stationery Logo: Network printers can print on letterhead paper - either in virtual form (printing on regular printer paper, but with the appearance of letterhead) or on actual pre-printed bond letterhead. Instructions for printing on letterhead are posted here. Gabriella Hoskin also keeps an electronic file that mimics Institute letterhead. If you would like a copy of this file for your own use (in either WordPerfect or Microsoft Word format) please send a request for this to Gabriella Hoskin. Please indicate which format you would prefer.

Office Equipment:

Minor Office Equipment: In her office, W204, Gabriella Hoskin keeps an Air Mail stamp, a three-hole punch, paper cutter, heavy duty stapler and electric pencil sharpener. Feel free to stop by to use any of these items.

Printers: Member offices are connected to shared network printers. There is one printer on each floor of West Building. Printers are located in the center of the hallway, behind a pillar by the open area near the staircase.

Copiers: Two photocopiers are located on the first floor of West Building. The copiers are at the base of the staircase that is accessed through the doorway marked “staircase” to the left of the mailboxes on the second floor. The copiers are in a glassed-in area facing the birch garden.  They are capable of color printing.  The copiers can also be used for scanning to our network.  The files appear on the I drive in a folder marked “Scans”.

Digital Sender: There is a digital sender on the second floor of West Building right across from the mailboxes. Please note that there is a maximum of 30 pages that can be sent in the e-mail.  Instructions are posted on the wall nearby or ask Gabriella if you need help.

Printer out of toner: If the either of the printers are out of toner, please call ext. 8044 and they will come and change the cartridge or let Gabriella know.

Printer out of paper: A supply of paper is usually located right near the printer. The paper supply for the first floor printer is located near the photocopiers. If you see it is running low, please let Gabriella Hoskin know so she can order more.

Office Decor:

Office Walls: Please do not put anything on the walls. We have installed bulletin boards and these should be used to put up any art work or anything else you need to have easy access to.

Climate Control:

Thermostat: Each office has a thermostat that controls the temperature in your office. It is the little box to the right or left of your window.

Heater/Air conditioning: The heating and cooling system in West Building (and in the housing complex) uses the same pipes for cooling and heating. This means that the system can heat or cool, but it cannot do both at the same time - or in a given season. It can be a difficult transition in spring and in fall when the weather is changing, and some days are warm and others cold. The Maintenance staff watches the weather and when it looks like the it has consistently changed they will switch the system from heating to cooling, or vice versa. In the beginning of this switch there may be days that the temperature is unusual. Unfortunately, the system cannot be turned back over. You can cover your vents or open a window and hopefully, the weather will return to normal for that specific time of year. If you feel that there is something wrong with the equipment, please inform Gabriella Hoskin.

Building Resources:

Mail: Mail delivery is approximately 8:30 am, 11:30 am, and 2:30 pm each week day and 10:00 am on Saturdays.

Restrooms: There are men’s and women’s restrooms on all three floors of the building.

Water Bottle: The water bottle located on the 2nd floor has a cold and hot spicket.  Let Gabriella Hoskin know if it is empty.


Personal Mail: If you are sending personal mail please put a stamp on it. The reception desk in Fuld Hall sells stamps. For a package please fill out a gray card (Personal US Mail Charges) and attach it to the package with a piece of tape. Your personal account will then be charged.  If the package is to be send abroad, please see Customs Declarations forms located near the outboxes on the 2nd floor.  Packages under 4 lbs. needs a green custom’s form and if they are over 4 lbs. they need the larger white form.

Coffee/tea: You can purchase coffee in the Dining Hall between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. The water dispenser by the second floor entry to West Building has a hot water spicket that you can use to make your own tea or instant coffee. There is an espresso machine and an automatic hot water faucet for tea or instant coffee in the Historical Studies Lounge (also known as the Hans Kohn Room) located on the 3rd floor landing of the central staircase in Fuld Hall. Please note if you want to use the provided espresso pods we ask you to purchase “coffee tickets” in advance for $1 each. Tickets can be purchased from Gabriella Hoskin or Maria Tuya. (We prefer not to have cash lying around, but if you are out of tickets and need espresso outside office hours you can also put a dollar in the ticket-collection box in exchange for an espresso pod.) From 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. complimentary coffee, tea, cookies, and fruit are served in the Common Room in Fuld Hall.

Microwave & Refrigerator: Feel free to use the microwave and refrigerator that are located in the Historical Studies Lounge (also known as the Hans Kohn Room) located on the 3rd floor landing of the central staircase in Fuld Hall.