Past Near/Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Events


October 5: Helmut Zander (IAS and Université de Fribourg),  "Grammar of Religio-Political Structures in Islam and Christianity". 

October 12: Art History Seminar, Emine Fetvaci (IAS and Boston University), "Album Making in Seventeenth Century Istanbul: The Sultan and the City."  

October 13: Near Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies Lecture Series 2016/2017, Prof. Dr. Gita Dharampal-Frick (University of Heidelberg) "Mahatma Gandhi and Islam". 

October 26: Jane Hathaway (IAS and The Ohio State University),  "The Ottoman Chief Harem Eunuch in an Era of Crisis and Change". 

November 2: Book release of Patricia Crone's Collected Studies in Three Volumes, Historical Studies-Social Sciences Library Book Talks Series.

December 14: Near Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies Lecture Series 2016/2017, Sarah Stroumsa (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), "Jewish and Islamic Philosophical Thought in al-Andalus: New Perspectives".

January 25: Antoine Borrut (IAS and University of Maryland),  "Forgetting al-Khwārizmī’s History".  

February 1: Patrick O'Banion (IAS and Lindenwood University), "Arabic at the Fringes: Islamic Prayers, Rituals, and Traditions in Early Modern Castile". 

Feburary 15: Anastasios (Tom) Papademetriou (IAS and Stockton University), "Consolidating Ecclesiastical Authority: The Case of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire". 

February 22: Roberto Tottoli (IAS and Università degli Studi di Napoli L'Orientale),  "Editing the Qur'an in the 16th- and 17th-century Europe: Inter-religious polemics, print culture, and Arabic philology". 

February 24: Workshop: "Why Syriac Matters". This workshop aims to highlight why and how Syriac matters today in many fields of research — Classics, Late Antique, Byzantine, Medieval, and Islamic studies as well as Sasanian, Arabian and Central Asian Studies, History of Christianity, Patristics and Church History, Theology, and Digital Humanities. 

March 8: Near Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies Lecture Series 2016/2017, Thomas Burman (University of Notre Dame), "Ramon Martí: Engaging Islam and Judaism on the Edge of Scholastic Christendom". 

March 22: Rudi Matthee (IAS and University of Delaware),  "The Eighteenth Century in Iranian Historiography: Nader Shah: Warlord or National Hero?".

March 29: Emine Fetvaci (IAS and Boston University), "Calligraphy in the Album of Ahmed I (ca.1609)". 

April 5: Near Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies Lecture Series 2016/2017, Maribel Fierro (Institute for the Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean, Spanish National Research Council [ILC, CSIC]), "Qur’anists in al-Andalus?". 

April 7-8: Dept. of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University and Near Eastern Studies at IAS, Workshop "Editing Arabic and Persian Manuscripts" led by Hassan Ansari and Sabine Schmidtke of the Institute for Advanced Study. 

April 11: Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations and  Afsaneh Beschloss, President and CEO, The Rock Creek Group and Trustee, Institute for Advanced Study, invite you to the launch of The Zaydi Manuscript Tradition: A Digital Portal with a talk by Sabine Schmidtke (IAS, School of Historical Studies) entitled Preserving, Studying, and Democratizing Access to the World Heritage of Islamic Manuscripts. 

April 20-21: Near Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies Conference, “The Arabic Literary genizot Beyond Denominational Borders”. Convenors are Geoffrey Khan (Cambridge University), Sarah Stroumsa (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), and Sabine Schmidtke (Institute for Advanced Study).


October 8, The Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations and Carnegie Corporation of New York present a talk by Sabine Schmidtke (IAS, School of Historical Studies) Islamic Thought beyond Denominational Borders: Challenges and Perspectives for a Comprehensive Approach, and a conversation with Vartan Gregorian (Carnegie Corporation) and Robbert Dijkgraaf (Institute for Advanced Study).

October 21, Eric (L.W.C.) van Lit (Yale University), will talk about "The transmission of an idea, the genealogy of its sentence: The 'world of image' (ʿālam al- mithāl) from the twelfth century up until today". 

October 28, Nahyan Fancy (IAS, DePauw University), will talk about "Studying the Transmission and Development of Ibn al-Nafis’s Physiology in the Mamluk-era commentaries on the Qānūn and the Mūjiz". 

November 18, Rozaliya Garipova (IAS, University of Pennsylvania), will talk about "Shar‘ification and Russification: How did Muslims Divide their Inheritance in Imperial Russia?". 

December 2, Stefan Kamola (Princeton University), will talk about "Fixing the past: Hafiz-i Abru and the Jami` al-tawarikh".

December 9, Maurice Pomerantz (IAS, New York University, Abu Dhabi) will talk on Rogue Fictions: Thoughts on the Form, Circulation and History of the Arabic Maqama.  

January 13, Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet (University of Pennsylvania) will talk about "Crossing Empires: Shi'i Pilgrims of the Sultan and the Shah".  

January 20, Hassan Ansari (IAS, School of Historical Studies) will talk about "On the Authorship of the K. Tathbīt dalāʾil al-nubuwwa". 

January 22, Jan Thiele (Spanish National Research Council, CSIC) will talk about "Post-Almohad Intellectual History: Ashʿarite Teaching in Ifrīqiya (13th–16th century)". 

January 27, Public Lecture: Devin J. Stewart (Emory College of Arts and Sciences), "The Transmission of Knowledge in Abbasid Iraq: Problems in the Interpretation of the “Catalogue” of Ibn al-Nadim".  This lecture made possible by the Dr. S.T. Lee Fund for Historical Studies.

February 10, Carlo Scardino (IAS, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf) will talk about "Problems in the Translation of Greek Agricultural Terms into Arabic". 

March 2, Margaret Graves (IAS, Indiana University, Bloomington), will talk about "With Blessings and Metaphors: The Medieval Islamic Art of the Object".  

March 9, Arnold Franklin (Queens College) will talk about "Constructing Lineages: Jews, Muslims and nasab in the Middle Ages". 

April 13, Negin Nabavi (IAS, Montclair State University) will talk about "Creating Publics: Newspapers and Newspaper Culture in Qajar Iran".

May 27, Near/Middle Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies and New York University-Abu Dhabi,Workshop "The Maqama and its Readers: A Workshop on arabic and Hebrew Literature".

June 9-10, Near/Middle Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies, “Allographic Traditions” among Arabic-speaking Christians, Jews and Samaritans: Workshop on the Writing Systems of Garshuni, Judeo-Arabic and Samaritan-Arabic.

June 20-24, Near/Middle Eastern Studies at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Digital Ottoman Platform II Workshop.


October 15, Mykhaylo Yakubovych (IAS, The National University of Ostroh Academy) will talk about "Early origins of Islamic Philosophical Tradition in Crimea". 

October 29, Noah Salomon (IAS, School of Social Science) will talk about "Between Texts and Textual Practices: Initiating a Conversation between the Schools of Historical Studies and Social Science in the Study of Islam".

November 12, to continue our discussion on the various methodological approaches to the field of Islamic Studies as well as pertinent national scholarly traditions, we will be watching the Israeli movie "Footnote" (הערת שוליים). Written and directed by Joseph Cedar, 2011.

December 10, Jack Tannous (Princeton University), will talk on "Greek, Syriac, and Arabic: The road from late antiquity to the Middle Ages".

December 17, Maryam Tiouri (Freie Universität Berlin) will talk on "Some Notes on the History and Theology of the Karrāmīya - the Tafsīr-I Sūrābādī Responding to Anti-Karrāmī Polemicists".

January 14, Moulie Vidas (IAS, Princeton University) will talk on "The Birth of the Rabbinic isnād: Citation and Attribution in Talmudic Literature".

January 21, Anver Emon (IAS, School of Social Science) will talk about "Americanization of Islamic Legal Scholarship".

January 28, Leigh Chipman (Johns Hopkins University) will talk about "Why study the reception of Galen? Transmission of knowledge from late antiquity to the Islamic world".

February 4, Amy Singer (IAS, Tel Aviv University), will talk about "Digital Ottoman: What? Why? How?".

March 4, Marion Katz, (IAS, New York University) will talk on "What Housework Signifies: Domestic Labor in Legal Manuals of the 11th-12th Century CE".

March 18, Geoffrey Khan (IAS, University of Cambridge) will talk on "Arabic Documents from the Early Islamic Period".

March 25, Nader Sohrabi (IAS, Carleton College), will tak on "Gens or Guns: The End of the Ottoman Empire and the Young Turks, 1908-1918".

April 1, Hassan Ansari (Institute for Advanced Study) will talk on "Critical Approaches to the Philosophy of Avicenna: Sharaf al-Din al-Mas'udi and Afdal al-Din al-Ghaylani".