Current Members and Visitors

= first term only  = second term only


Benjamin Anderson
Cornell University
Byzantine Art and Architecture

Hassan Farhang Ansari
Institute for Advanced Study
Islamic Law and Theology

Michelle Armstrong-Partida
University of Texas at El Paso
Medieval Gender, Sexuality, and Women's History

Barbara Baert ●
KU Leuven (University of Leuven)
Iconology, Medieval Art, Anthropology

Eugenio Biagini ▲
University of Cambridge
History of Ireland in the 20th century

Ralf Bockmann
German Archaeological Institute, Rome
Byzantine Archaeology and History of Art

Stephen Bokenkamp ▲
Arizona State University
Medieval Chinese Religion and Literature

Marilyn Booth ▲
University of Oxford
Arab/ic Intellectual History, Gender History, Translation Studies

Warren Brown ●
California Institute of Technology
Early Medieval Social History

Juliette Cadiot
École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
Russian and Soviet Studies

Cristina Carusi
The University of Texas at Austin
Ancient Greek History, Greek Epigraphy

Julian Casanova
Universidad de Zaragoza
Social History, Comparative History

Hilde De Weerdt ●
Leiden University
Chinese Medieval History

Martino Diez ●
Catholic University of Milan
Intellectual History of the Islamicate World

Katherine Epstein
Rutgers University-Camden
Modern Anglo-American Legal, Diplomatic, and Military History

Nergis Ertürk ●
Pennsylvania State University
Comparative Literature

Alejandro Garcia-Sanjuan ●
University of Huelva
History of al-Andalus

Karl Gerth
University of California, San Diego
History of Modern China

Sabine Go ▲
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Early Modern Europe: Maritime Governance Institutions



Glenda Goodman
University of Pennsylvania
American Music history

Katja Guenther
Princeton University
History of the Human Sciences

Sean Gurd
University of Missouri, Columbia
Classical Sound Studies

Earle Havens ▲
Johns Hopkins University
Early Modern Europe: History of the Book/Digital History

Yuming He ▲
University of California, Davis
Early Modern Chinese Cultural History

Maggie Hennefeld
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Film and Media Studies

Hans Hummer
Wayne State University
Social History of Medieval Europe

Carina Johnson ●
Pitzer College
Early Modern Habsburg Cultural History

Sylvie Joye ●
Université de Lorraine, Nancy
Early Medieval History, Gender & Family

Seth Kimmel
Columbia University
Early Modern Iberian History and Culture
(John Elliott Member)

Jeanette Kohl
University of California, Riverside
Art of the Italian Renaissance

Thomas Kruse ●
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Ancient History

Akinobu Kuroda
The University of Tokyo
Chinese and Global Monetary History

Lydia Liu
Columbia University
Global History and Modern History

Scott Lucas ▲
University of Arizona
Islamic Intellectual History

Nathan Martin
University of Michigan
History of Music Theory

Christian Mauder
University of Leipzig
Mamluk Studies, Islamicate Intellectual History
(Gerda Henkel Member)

Johannes Pahlitzsch ●
Johannes Gutenberg- Universität Mainz
Byzantine Studies



Eric Palazzo
University of Poitiers
Medieval Art History and Medieval Liturgy

Nikolaos Papazarkadas ▲
University of California, Berkeley
Ancient Greek History, Greek Epigraphy

Gabriele Pedullà ●
Università di Roma Tre
Early Modern Europe: Intellectual History, Political Thought

Alison Locke Perchuk
California State University Channel Islands
History of Medieval Art and Architecture

Cosmin Alin Popa-Gorjanu
University of Alba Iulia
Medieval Nobility, Social History

Rubina Raja 
Aarhus University
Classical Archaeology

Michele Salzman ▲
University of California at Riverside
Roman History

Dagmar Schaefer ●
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
History of Science in China

Eric Schluessel
University of Montana
Early Modern Chinese and East Asian History

Brian Steininger ▲
Princeton University
Japanese History

Seiichi Suzuki
Kansai Gaidai University
Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian Studies

Tommaso Tesei
Van Leer Jerusalem institute
Late Antiquity; Qur'an; Early Islam

Pier Mattia Tommasino
Columbia University
Early Modern Europe and the Muslim World

Noa Turel ●
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Renaissance and Late Medieval Art History

Maartje van Gelder ●
University of Amsterdam
Early Modern Venice

Nükhet Varlik
Rutgers University-Newark and New Jersey Institute of Technology
Ottoman History & History of Plague

Louise Young ▲
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Modern Japanese History

Maria Youni
Democritus University of Thrace
History of Ancient Law, Greek Epigraphy


Matthew Melvin-Koushki
University of South Carolina
Early Modern Islamic Intellectual and Cultural History

Karina Urbach
University of London
Modern International Relations & Jewish Family History
(long-term Visitor)

Visiting Associates

Joseph Blasi
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Social and Economic History

Giulia Puma
Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis - Université Côte d'Azur
Medieval Art History

Stephen Tracy
The American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Greek History and Epigraphy