Instructions for Applicants

The School of Historical Studies is no longer accepting applciations for the academic year 2018-2019.  The application system is presently closed.  The system will re-open to begin accepting applications for the 2019-2020 academic year in June 2018.  In the meantime, to get an idea of the process you are welcome to read through the instructions below, which were applicable for the 2018-19 competition.  Although we do not expect any major changes in the instructions between now and the next competition, in case there are minor adjustments, we suggest you check back in June for instructions applicable in 2019-20, if you intend to apply in that competition.

There are two possible ways to submit an application for membership. You can either fill out the online application by creating an account and following the procedures posted on the web at, or, if you have a legitimate reason why you cannot apply through the online system, you may be given permission to submit a paper application form.  If you submit an online application you will be asked to upload your research proposal (no longer than 1,500 words), a separate one-page bibliography related to the proposal, your CV with list of publications, and up to three sample articles, or book chapters, in PDF format. (Please note that these should be pieces tha thave already been published.)  (If you are unfamiliar with creating PDF files there are online services that will convert Word documents into PDF files for you. Go to for further information.)

Paper Applications:
The paper application form is provided only to scholars who have legitimate reasons for being unable to complete the application online.  If this applies in your case, please contact the Administrative Officer at the address below to request the paper form.  With your request please include an explanation as to why you are not able to complete the online application, and please indicate if you prefer to have the paper form sent to you as an attachment by email, or by regular paper post.  (If you would like the application sent to you by post please include your full mailing address.)  We strongly advise sending any request for a paper application by no later than  October 1st to allow time for processing the request. Any request received after October 1st will be handled by email only.  Paper applications should be submitted as early as possible so they can be processed by the application deadline.

Applicants who received the Ph.D. within the last ten years are further advised to note that although the application deadline is November 1st, we strongly recommend submitting the application as early as possible, preferably by October 15th.  This will allow time for references to be contacted and for reference letters to be submitted by the November 1st deadline.  (Reference letters are not requested for scholars who received the Ph.D. more than ten years ago, however early application is still encouraged.)  If an application is received after October 15th and letters of recommendation are needed, referees will be asked to submit their letters as soon as possible, however, our application review will begin by mid November, and if the letters have not been received by that time some reviewers may see the application without all the requested letters.

To request a paper application contact:

Marian Zelazny
Administrative Officer
School of Historical Studies
Institute for Advanced Study
1 Einstein Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540


Additional Details

For additional information please see the Announcement of Memberships, the Supplementary Information for Members, or the Faculty and Members Brochure.

Former Members: Please note that former members may re-apply only after a 5-year waiting period (3 years for one-term members), and preference will be given to the selection of first-time members.

Princeton University Faculty should contact the Administrative Officer for further information before completing an application.

Questions regarding application materials or procedures should be directed to Marian Zelazny by e-mail at, or by phone at (609) 734-8300 or in writing at the above address.

If your application form or package is incomplete the application will not be considered.