Used Items for Sale, Rent or Free

Bicycles: During the 2016-2017 academic year the Institute plans to begin a bicycle sharing program using Zagster.  Information about this will be provided at the Welcome event on Monday, Sept. 19th.  In brief, bicycles will be available to borrow, located near the Activities building in the housing complex, and in parking lot A.  More details about the bicycle sharing program will be forthcoming.

One way to obtain a used bicycle inexpensively, while supporting a local charity, is to buy a bicycle through the Bike Exchange.  This is run by a local bicycle club and it is operated out of a store front in a shopping mall on the border of Lawrenceville and Trenton. They restore used bicycles to good working condition, sell them and give the profits to the local Boys and Girls club.  Costs for a sturdy, working bicycle can range from $30 to $200.   IAS staff member Linda Cooper, a member of the bicycle club, may be able to offer additional information.  Feel free to contact Linda Cooper if you are interested.  Linda may be able to give directions and make suggestions about how best to get there, and this is a good option if all you want is an inexpensive, working bicycle. See the website for further information.

One of the bicycle stores in downtown Princeton, Kopp's Cycle, at 38 Spring St., sells used as well as new bicycles.  The least expensive used bicycle at Kopps would is likely to be at least $100, but they will have more high quality used bicycles, and they sell new bicycles as well.  Less expensive new bicycles can also be purchased at Walmart or Target, located in the Nassau Park Mall, near Wegman's (which you can get to using the IAS shuttle.)

Garage/Yard Sales - The website accessed via this link posts listings of local Garage Sales/Yard Sales.  These are sales held at someone's home.  Typically the homeowner organizes the sale, offering to sell used household items, furniture and clothing.  Prices at these sales are usually quite inexpensive.

Rummage Sales:
Below are listings for local rummage sales that we happened to hear about, where you can find used items to buy. Beneath that is a list of links that will bring you to outside websites where you might also be able to find used objects such as bicycles, cars, and household furnishings that are for sale. A couple of the sites also allow you to post your own used items, if you want to sell something that you don't need, or get rid of things before you leave from the Institute.

October & March: Kids Used Toy and Clothing Sale -   Large sale of used children's items.  Proceeds support Lawrence Township public elementary school at 40 Craven Lane in Lawrenceville (also the location of the sale).  The next date for the clothing sale is set for October 14th, 2017, from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

September & April: Rummage sales at Trinity Church (Fall 2016 sale is scheduled for September 3rd.)  The church holds rummage sales at least twice each year.  The sales take place at the church located on Mercer St. within walking distance of the Institute.  They also accept donations of used items at any time of year (used items are held until the next Rummage sale.)  Proceeds support the church's outreach programs including the Hunger Fund and the Soup Kitchen.

The Institute has recently gained access to TigerTrade - an online marketplace exclusive to the Princeton University, and now to the Institute for Advanced Study communities. The goal of TigerTrade is to facilitate the buying, selling, and exchanging of items and services within a community.  Before use, please review their Terms of Use.  To access the site, surf to and click login located in the upper right corner.  Click the Institute for Advanced Study CAS link and login using your current IAS user name and password.  Complaints about the TigerTrade service should be addressed to and issues regarding login should be addressed to

This site is designed to facilitate the free exchange of used items in the interest of keeping them out of landfills. (Recycle and Re-use!) In order to use this service you have to create an account, and then you can join a local group to find items that are posted. There is a local Princeton group, and there is also a Mercer County group that includes things that may be offered in some of the adjoining communities. Everything on this site is being offered for free.

Princeton Packet Classifieds
The Princeton Packet is one of two local Princeton Newspapers. (The other paper, the Town Topics, also has classified advertisements, and you may want to check a printed copy of the paper to find items for sale, but the Town Topics ads are not posted on the web.) You can access the classified advertisements section for the Princeton Packet on the web through the link above. Among the classified ads there are often items for sale (such as cars, bicycles or furniture) and you will also find notices about Garage Sales or Yard Sales (usually held at someone's home on a Saturday morning) and there you may find all sorts of used household items for sale. Yard Sales and Garage Sales usually happen in the spring and fall when the weather is good.

Princeton Online Classifieds
This is a commercial website that includes a lot of information about businesses in the Princeton area, and it also has a section for classified ads. Posting ads on this website is free. Most of the things posted are from the local area.

Rentals: A former Institute employee has a business renting out bicycles, TVs, or DVD players.  Note the equipment offered is used, and may not be in top condition. Check the item over carefully before accepting the rental. Click here for the phone number, with delivery to your Institute apartment.