Local Academic Events, Non-IAS

This page includes postings of lecture, seminar and conference notices that are sent to the School and that may be of special interest to our Faculty and Members. It is not a complete listing of everything happening in Princeton.  These notices are primarily received from Princeton University, but not every event in every department will be posted.  More complete listings of happenings sponsored by a particular university department can be found on the departmental "Events" pages.  Some events on this list may come from other institutions or entities (any outside of Princeton can be found through the Events and Conferences outside Princeton menu, to the right). The list below also does not include the School's own colloquia series which is posted separately. Occasionally lectures sponsored by other departments within the Institute are included if they seem of particular interest to historians, however, this page is also not a comprehensive list of Institute events. Institute events can be found on the Institute Calendar.