East Asian Studies


Nicola Di Cosmo
Henry Luce Foundation
Professor of East Asian History
East Asian History

Members, 2018-2019

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Arizona State University
Medieval Chinese Religion and Literature
Hilde De Weerdt 
Leiden University
Chinese Medieval History
Karl Gerth
University of California, San Diego
History of Modern China
Yuming He 
University of California, Davis
Early Modern Chinese Cultural History
Akinobu Kuroda
The University of Tokyo
Chinese and Global Monetary History
Lydia Liu
Columbia University
Global History and Modern History
Dagmar Schaefer
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
History of Science in China
Eric Schluessel
University of Montana
Early Modern Chinese and East Asian History
Brian Steininger 
Princeton University
Japanese History
Louise Young 
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Modern Japanese History

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